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About Us
Mehta AC Service is a professional company mainly engaged in AC Service. Our company is known for its first-rate quality reputation, reasonable price, and perfect services.
Based on our principles of honesty and joint efforts among our staff, our company has been constantly expanding to take a leading position in the service industry. Moreover, our highly efficient group of professional technicians has ceaselessly put great efforts forth new products service every year, thus maintaining the robust growth trend of the company. At Mehta Sales we take care of you with both products and service. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly with your questions or inquiries.

Mehta AC Service expanded in major sectors like government, corporate, healthcare(hospital), hospitality and earns value by bonding customer relation with many client of respective sectors.
Why Us
Service Within 24 Hrs
Quality Range of Product Service
Experienced Workforce
Timely Delivery
Latest Technology